Anwar Akan Menyertai Kabinet Najib?

Sabtu, 1 Mac 2014

Sebelum ini isu Konsensus Nasional adalah bibit-bibit awal ke arah penyatuan. Perkara ini tidak jelas tapi menurut sumber adalah perjumpaan sulit Anwar dan Najib melalui Jusuf Kalla di Jakarta. Isu ini terdiam dan hampir tertutup.

Timbul pula Konsens Nasional (KN) sekali lagi dalam bentuk yang lebih jelas. Perutusan khas untuk rakyat Malaysia yang disampaikan oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di Hotel Sunway sangat jelas menunjukkan ada usaha ke arah untuk menyatukan Pakatan Rakyat (pada umum tapi khusunya PKR) dan Barisan Nasional. (rujuk di sini)

Ada kecoh pasal KN ini UG baru ke? Sedangkan UG dan perjumpaan sulit beberapa pimpinan PAS atas isu Selangor dan Perak tidak menepati maksud UG yang diwar-warkan Presiden PAS.

Kemudian ada beberapa orang kepimpinan PKR juga dipercayai datang berjumpa dengan TGNA bagi mendapat persetujuan. Saya difahamkan usaha ini gagal.

Ada usaha menyeret Presiden PAS untuk perjumpaan antara PKR dengan UMNO (Zahid Hamidi) di London, tapi gagal juga kerana Presiden PAS tidak hadir dan banyak lagi siri-siri perjumpaan tapi Presiden PAS sekadar menghantar wakil sahaja.

Terkini tokoh Wartawan Negara dan Bekas Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan The New Straits Times Press (NSTP), Datuk A. Kadir Jasin, meramalkan kemungkinan Anwar Ibrahim menyertai Kabinet Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abd Razak sebagai sebahagian percaturan politik dan pemulihan kebangsaan (Konsesus Nasional).

Menurut beliau terdapat teori konspirasi yang tersebar luas sekarang bahawa Pilihan Raya Kecil DUN Kajang hanyalah satu pemesongan isu bagi membolehkan agenda kumpulan tertentu membawa masuk Anwar Ibrahim ke dalam kabinet berjalan lancar. Anwar dikatakan akan diberi jawatan penting dalam kabinet.

Menurut sumber Kadir Jasin, penyertaan Anwar di dalam kabinet ini merupakan keperluan kedua-dua tokoh. Mohd Najib dilihat cuba mengimbangi kritikan Tun Mahathir dan Tun Daim terhadap pentadbirannya. Manakala Anwar mencari jalan melepaskan diri dari kemelut kepimpinan PKR antara Azmin dan Khalid yang kian melemahkan parti tersebut.

Artikel A. Kadir Jasin boleh di baca dibawah.

THE Kedai Kopi Assembly (KKA) continues to sit. But since many of the matters discussed were mostly “sensitive” and the risk associated with publishing them is a tat too high, let us KIV them for a while.

I thank all the participants for their contribution and for reminding me to be careful and not take unnecessary risk.

However, one subject from the KKA sessions that we may be able to discuss and do some crystal-balling is the reconciliation. To keep our brain connections active, our creativity going and to take our mind away from the heat wave, let us weave a conspiracy theory not unlike the plot in the movie of the same name that starred Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts.[Received this from a reader. Open burning is illegal and adds to the haze. Books and magazines being burnt. Thank you sender.]

The 1997 movie told the story of a taxi driver who was obsessed with conspiracy theories and became a real target when one of his theories turned out to be true. In order to save himself, he had to figure out which theory it was.

Our theory revolves around the much talked about reconciliation talk that, according to some pundits, will bring together two former friends turned foes – the Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak and the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Kajang By-election A Red Herring?

What if all the hogwash about Anwar’s candidacy in Kajang State Legislative Assembly by-election and his taking over the Selangor Menteri Besar post are in fact a red herring intended to hide the backroom manoeuvring involving his camp and the PM’s operators?

What if a very influential aide to the PKR’s General Leader had already called on an equally influential member of the PM’s inner chamber to work out a deal whereby the “Ketua Umum” will join the Cabinet and be given a portfolio that makes him very powerful?

So powerful that it sends the shiver (in this dry burning weather) down the spine of his enemies and the PM’s critics or even gotten rid of them for good.

With the problem in the Selangor Government continuing to fester, Anwar knows the risk of his own people jumping ship. It’s a mistake to underestimate Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s resources and resourcefulness.

He was a business and a manager. He knows merger and acquisition better than Anwar and Mohd Azmin Ali. He could apply his M&A skills to politics.

He has the ability to swing Selangor away from PR if he feels that he is on the losing end. So entering into a deal with the PM is a good way for Anwar to checkmate Abdul Khalid if he harbours such an idea.

 The picture of Abdul Khalid, Mohd Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin beaming away during the signing of the memorandum of understanding on the Langat 2 water supply project on Wednesday could be telling a thousand words.

The Way To Fight Dr M and Daim

For the PM and members of his inner circle, if they believe that the criticisms by (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad and (Tun) Daim Zainuddin can hurt them, a merger with Anwar is a grand strategy. They can count on Anwar to do battle with Dr Mahathir and Daim.
In one brilliant stroke, the PM strengthens his position, destroys the Pakatan Rakyat and rids himself of his critics. Anwar gets to enjoy the privileges and protection as a member of the government. And they can live happily ever after.

Think of this. Has Anwar ever attacked the PM directly and has the PM done the same to Anwar? Yes, Anwar viciously attacked the government, the Barisan Nasional and Umno. Yes he attacked Dr Mahathir and Daim. Dr Mahathir and Daim in turn attacked him and criticized the PM.

Think also of the animosity between Anwar and Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and Tun Abdul Razak Hussein. How Anwar led a series of demonstrations against them and was incarcerated under the ISA during Abdul Razak’s and (Tun) Hussein Onn’s administrations.

Remember he was freed from detention when Dr Mahathir became PM in 1981 and, in early 1982 Dr Mahathir proudly paraded him before the Press and the newest member of Umno.

I was there covering the event and foolishly demanded that he proved his membership of Umno by citing his membership number and, for the next 16 years, promoted him as the crown prince of Umno and the successor to Dr Mahathir.

Remember also that many Umno rebels left the party but later came back to the fold and some went on to be appointed to the cabinet despite having burnt the bridges. So why not Anwar?

But has the DAP got wind of this so as to prompt its supremo, Lim Kit Siang, to ask in his blog: “Who drafted this national reconciliation plan and who had been consulted? This is still a great mystery up to now.”

So, I will be the last person to dismiss the reconciliation talk and of seeing Anwar being mainstream and politically correct once again. Politics, according to German Prussian politician, Otto von Bismarck (1815 – 1898), is the art of the possible.

FOOT NOTE: The PM is believed to have appointed a new media adviser to replace Jalaluddin Bahaudin who left last year. The new man is believed to be a journalist and former MP, Abdul Rahman Sulaiman, among whose tasks is to “pujuk” Dr Mahathir to be friendly towards Mohd Najib.

This is what Mubarak people told me. Wallahuaklam.


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